About The Publisher:

Kitsap County boasts mile after mile of beachfront, wooded, and city living and play, stretches from Olalla, out to Seabeck, north to Hansville, east to Bainbridge Island, and all points inbetween like Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton, and Port Orchard.

Framed beautifully by numerous bays and inlets, this picturesque corner of the world is a travel destination, a naval hub, a recreational playground, and .... home.

Kitsap County is the embodiment of Northwest living. Where else can you find breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline, mountain ranges, and the expansive waters of Puget Sound?The Olympic Mountains in one direction, the Cascades in another, and a whole lot of water in between. This is the life.

There is no other land mass in the Puget Sound region that possesses such richness resulting from the combination of unique landscape, rurality, views, history, cultural influence, and life fulfillment.

Kitsap offers a healthy variety of events and activities for families and children of all ages. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find out what's going on without referring to multiple resources and scouring the local newspapers or surfing from site to site. Problem solved! Macaroni KID Kitsap is the answer!

Macaroni KID Kitsap is dedicated to delivering the scoop on all the family-friendly events happening in Kitsap each week. And it's FREE! You can check the website anytime, and better yet, become a Subscriber and have a weekly eNewsletter delivered directly to your in-box every Friday morning.

As a mother and a part-time director of a non-profit, I am familiar with the challenges of balancing work and play. When time is carved out to play and enjoy time with my family, I want to know what's going on to see what new, exciting, or interesting experience we would like to share together. I partake in the occasional event in Seattle or Tacoma, but largely I stay local for shopping, entertainment, recreation, hobbies, and fun. When my kids were very young, I rifled through newspapers, brochures and visitor's guides, surfed the internet, kept my eyes open for fliers and posters, and kept my ears open for what other moms are talking about and doing with their kids. Macaroni KID does all of this for you and helps busy parents really discover all the stimulating, enriching, educational, and fun things to do with their kids and as a family.

I have my finger on the pulse of family fun events going on in Kitsap and will share them with you. With input from other moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers across the county, together we have become the very best resource of its kind around.

Join me, and thousands of other  families, on this journey as we all look for ways to have fun with our kids, entertain our kids, educate them, stimulate them, enjoy being with our kids, and watch them grow …. in Kitsap County.

Diane K.
Editor and Publisher
Macaroni KID Kitsap