Fall Treat: Apple Cider Floats

By Melissa Hucal September 23, 2016
Adding ice cream makes anything a special treat, even an already-special fall drink. Apple Cider Floats make the transition between summer and fall extra special with the yummy combination of flavors from each season.

The ingredients are simple and the steps are even simpler.

Scoop vanilla ice cream into a tall glass and pour apple cider* over the top, until it reaches the halfway point of the glass. Add a spoon and a straw and serve!

This cool treat with a nod to fall flavors is perfect for your next campfire, after school snack or "just because it's fall!"

*Apple Cider is readily available at apple orchards, farmers’ markets and grocery stores in the fall, but have you ever wondered what the difference is between apple cider and apple juice? 

According to “How Stuff Works,” there’s really no “official” difference between the two. Most of the difference comes in the preparation and appearance.  Most cider is fresh pressed, but apple juice can be fresh or from concentrate. Apple juice is usually pasteurized and has added preservatives. Cider is sometimes pasteurized, but still typically has a short shelf life. Cider is usually darker in appearance and can sometimes look “cloudy” because of varying amounts of pulp from the pressed apples. Apple juice is much more likely to be filtered and looks clear in the bottle or in your glass.