Easter Science Projects for Kids

March 30, 2018

Rosie Research wants to share with Macaroni Kid Kitsap families some fun science projects that can double as Easter crafts for kids.

Color changing eggs

Learn about natural pH indicators, the importance of a molecule called anthocyanin, and acids and bases as you make color changing eggs. Kids will get to learn about natural dyes as well as color changing molecules as they paint lemon juice designs on decorative eggs.

Hollow chocolate eggs

Learn about reversible phase transitions (like water to ice and back to water) as you create hollow chocolate eggs. This is a messy, delicious, gorgeous, and educational project.

Egg drop engineering challenge

This Easter science project uses engineering to try and protect an egg from a high fall. See what ideas you can come up with!

Vector treasure maps for a cool Easter egg hunt

Learn about vector addition or orienteering with this fun Easter egg hunt that combines measurements, learning directions, and vector addition. Vector addition is an advanced skill that kids don’t normally learn until high school psyhics class, but they will love this new way to find their Easter baskets!