Macaroni Kid Kitsap Celebrates 10 Years of Local Family Fun!

November 7, 2020

10 years ago, Macaroni Kid Kitsap's website and  free eNewsletter launched. Since then, we’ve helped tens of thousands of parents find new and different things to do with their kids, given teachers ideas for class projects and field trips, offered grandparents ideas for places to take their grandkids, partnered with hundreds of local businesses and sponsors, supported numerous local community organizations, connected  one-on-one with families at local kids-oriented events, and given our time and hearts to every family that looks to Macaroni Kid Kitsap for ways to find their family fun® in Kitsap County. 

We believe life should be enjoyed, 
and locally there are so many ways to embrace life, community, and family!

In 2010, we launched this local Kitsap edition of Macaroni Kid with only 5 subscribers (really!). Today, we reach more than 8,800 local families with out weekly eNewsletter, and tens of thousands more visit our website every month. And we're still growing! It's been a joy serving the families throughout Kitsap County by providing ways for kids, families, businesses, and organizations to connect with their community – and each other.

What is Macaroni Kid Kitsap? It is a free weekly eNewsletter and website that  highlights all of the great things for kids and their families to do in the community. It has become the premier parent publication for parents who are hungry for things to do locally that they can enjoy together as a family. We have met this need by showing families the vast offerings available compiled in Macaroni Kid Kitsap.

Under the stewardship of a Kitsap resident, Macaroni Kid Kitsap's editor and publisher said, “As a mom in Kitsap, I knew how difficult was to find and keep track of the fun and enriching events and activities available for  kids. I was thrilled to introduce Macaroni Kid to our community and  bring it to the forefront as the community resource for everything kid and family. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to support the many cultural, not-for-profit, school and just plain fun things there are to do in Kitsap County.”

Macaroni Kid covers the spectrum of things to do with kids - online offerings in this time of social distancing, as well as classes, shows, events, and things to do at home such as cooking projects, books to read, arts and crafts, games, and more. Macaroni Kid also highlights local Kitsap businesses and also offers great giveaways. Macaroni Kid Kitsap has had millions of page views since it first launched 10 years ago. And, during that time Macaroni Kid Kitsap has never missed a single week of newsletter publication.

In addition to listing events and activities in Kitsap, Macaroni Kid  Kitsap occasionally features reviews and insights about big events and activities in nearby Seattle or Tacoma, and exciting ideas for family staycations and regional travel.




Macaroni Kid Kitsap is your best source for kid activities and family fun in Kitsap County!
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