Kids, Teens, and Adults: Read and Learn this Summer

June 12, 2022

June 1 - August 31, Kitsap Regional Library invites everyone to read and learn and earn prizes along the way!

Summer Learning has started, and there’s so much to do! Connect with KRL in person, online or on the go through the Beanstack app. Take on the  Summer Learning Challenges, enjoy classes, events and live performances and explore everything the Library has to offer! 

Read More: 10-100 Hour Challenge 

Readers  of all ages, finish reading your first 10 hours and receive a book or  journal of your choice. New this year, a special sticker prize awaits  the 50-hour reader, while the 100-hour reader earns a celebratory  T-shirt!

Learn More Challenge
Get your hands dirty  through the Learn More Challenge. Simply pick a goal, plot out how  you’ll achieve it, follow your steps to completion and then tell us  about your experience for a chance to win an awesome end-of-summer  prize.

Bingo Bonus Challenge 

Explore new ways to grow  through the Bingo Bonus Challenge! A completed Bingo page is rewarded  with a chance to win an awesome end-of-summer prize.

Pick Up a Summer Learning Guide 

Visit your favorite branch to pick up your own Summer Learning guide. Track your challenge progress in print through fun, interactive coloring pages.

Connect Online 

Visit the Summer Learning Challenge page to track your progress digitally and win fun digital rewards along the way.

Connect On-the-Go 

Download the Beanstack app on Google Play or the App Store to track your challenge progress on the go!

This summer, join a live Summer Learning Performances!
  Check out Waterfront Wednesdays for more fun live performances in Port Orchard: