The Island School- So Much Learning- So Much Fun- a Rare Combination!

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February 12, 2021

Nestled in the woods of Bainbridge Island, The Island School is an independent kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school educating students from Bainbridge Island and the Kitsap Peninsula.

Founded in 1977, The Island School engages the mind and heart of every child in a culture that values excellent education, joy in learning, and respect and appreciation for others. Kids love to learn at The Island School. 

The Island School believes that:  

  • Teaching creativity and cultivating curiosity are as important as teaching reading, writing and math.
  • Children who feel loved, celebrated and appreciated by their teachers, as well as their parents, thrive at school.
  • Play is the business of childhood.Children will practice endlessly if they enjoy what they are doing.
  • Teaching empathy, compassion and respect is essential in any curriculum.
  • Children learn at different speeds and have different needs, and those must be honored in their educational setting.
  • If children feel loved and safe, they will take the most amazing risks.

What else makes The Island School unique?

  • We continue to offer a full-time schedule, with in-person learning in outdoor and indoor classrooms.
  • Small class sizes (student teacher ratio of 10:1) facilitate lots of teacher support.
  • Our master teachers know and celebrate each child.
  • Our curriculum engenders enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, collaboration, communication, asking good questions, and problem-solving, as well as reading, writing, math, science and social studies.  
  • Our curriculum is informed by Washington State and the Common Core Standards, but not driven by them; therefore, we can tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of individual students and classes based upon brain research and expertise of master teachers.  
  • Art, music, Spanish, library and PE are considered as important as any academic subject, and our specialist teachers are as gifted as our classroom teachers.
  • Families are regarded as partners in the education of their children, and volunteerism is welcomed.
  • Our school is the only independent elementary school on the Kitsap Peninsula that is fully accredited by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools.
  • In summary, “The Island School – so much learning – so much fun— a rare  combination!”  
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