It's a Beautiful Day for a Nature Walk!

By Katherine Lydon, Publisher Mom Portland, ME May 30, 2014
Go out and take a rainbow walk this week! What is a rainbow walk? The challenge is to find something in nature of every color of the rainbow. This is a great way to get kids outside to notice nature and really explore their surroundings. My cousin Rachel took her 3 year old daughter, Jocelyn on a rainbow walk earlier this month. She commented that it can be tricky to find all of the colors. The most difficult to find was the color orange. (They finally succeed when they found an acorn with it's shell removed.) The best part was the conversation with her child old that followed afterwards about how the acorn had come to lose it's shell. Bring your camera on the walk to take a picture of all the colors you find. Afterwards you can create a photo album keepsake with all of the pictures from your walk. Label the picture with the corresponding color to also create a wonderful learning tool for your child.