{New!} Kitsap Nonprofit of the Month

February 12, 2021

There are dozens of nonprofits in the Kitsap County community that are making a difference every day. In an effort to highlight them and share with our readers their mission and vision, Macaroni Kid Kitsap introduces a new regular feature: Kitsap Nonprofit of the Month.

Each month, we will publish an article about a local organization and share with our readers how the nonproft helps the community, how community members can support them, how kids and families can volunteer and be involved, and much more. Nonprofits, which rely heavily - and many times exclusively - on donations and volunteers to achieve their missions and to thrive.

To have your nonprofit featured in an upcoming month, send us an email and we will provide a list of questions that we would like answered in your write-up. We will also use photos and any logo that is included.

Contact us if you have questions. We're excited to introduce this opportunity for nonprofits to showcase their work and connect with thousands of local families!